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Our learning technology solutions and service are designed to make learning an engaging and fulfilling experience that ensures improved retention and learning outcomes. Online learning solutions, blended learning programs, m-learning, adaptive recommendation engine, simulations and courseware development – whatever your requirements are, our adept technologists are here to help.

Learning Management System

Our Learning Management System software helps to access easily and quickly manage diverse training programs over the internet. Managing enterprise training programs as well as e-learning courses has always been a daunting task for many individuals and organizations. LMS help to save time and money by eliminating the need of visiting classrooms in-person to impart necessary training. Moreover, such online software is accessible, 24/7 from any part of the globe and at any time without the need of buying any hardware or installing any accessory software/plug-ins.

Why our Learning Management System?





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Student Information System

Our Online Student Registration Systemallows for the seamless transfer of student information, documents, and custom reports to your district student information system (SIS) or data warehouse for real-time tracking and updates.

Our Student Information System serves the management level of Educational Institutions, providing reports and online access to actual performance and historical records. It acts as the core for planning, control, and decision support systems.

SIS channels all the required data in its raw and aggregated forms for appropriate data mining, to support the decision making process on various educational and administrative levels. Our SIS efficiently facilitates the path to the EDSS buildup. Various level forms and fixed reports as well as more dynamic “power query” reporting mechanisms are provided to produce the required statistical output and dynamic KPIs needed by EDSS.

Key features of our system includes:

Student Lifecycle Management

For students, faculty and administrators, we have a powerful tool MagLearns which allows your school to seamlessly manage and support the enrollment process from admissions through graduation.

Online Web browser and mobile applications allow students and faculty to easily complete routine tasks like advising, registration, billing, payment, grades and course evaluations via Intranet, Internet and mobile connections.

Sophisticated office modules work in conjunction with self-service applications to speed business processes and accelerate work flow across all offices.